NaNoWriMo 2017 – Day 5

Well, a funny thing happened this morning.

When I woke up around 5.30 I had dreamed a new character for a novel. Which does happen.

Since I was so behind on writing – what with the zero words yesterday – I had my laptop sitting next to me so I could start writing right away, first thing in the morning.

And then something in me snapped.

And I decided not to write the novel I had planned.


Now normally I won’t advise doing this. Every story feels like crap occasionally when you’re writing it but this time I was not feelint the love at all. I had researched a few more novels in that chicklit/ weight loss/ midlife crisis genre (if that even is a genre – it should – but it might not be), and I had zero motivation to read any of them.

I still think the idea works, and would be fun, and the main character is cool, I only just don’t want to write this kind of book.

So. Change of plans.

I spent the day mostly sitting around thinking about an idea for a new series. And I read „Story Genius“ (affiliate link) some more. And bought Holly Lisle’s „Create a Character Clinic“. Over the next few days I will, um, develop (yeah, that’s the word I was looking for) a series of paranormal cozy mysteries. This time I’ll actually start by creating characters and a world, and an outline first.

And then I’ll write it.

And if things go really great I might even win NaNo but then I tend to be rather optimistic.

Getting a book I love to write out of this might just be a little more important to me than „winning“ NaNo.

Still. I haven’t given up yet. I can always do that later.