NaNoWriMo 2017 – Day 4

And another fun day!

On the bright side I did get the podcast episode published. And I was really glad that I hadn’t moved the recording to today because today – my voice was basically gone.

Now I do know that I have a hard time playing music when I don’t have a voice which is ridiculous but today I learned that I can’t really write fiction without my voice either.

Also I have a headache and an aching throat all day.

All of this makes me think about the advice I read about author blogs that no one wants to read about how hard it is to write. Well, I’m still thinking it is more like moderately hard but today there were no words. And every day with no words is making the rest of the month more interesting and colorful.

I also tried to research books that might be similar to the one I’m attempting to write and found that a) this does not seem to be a genre, which I find weird (but then maybe I looked in the wrong place), and b) every single sample and book I downloaded was one I just couldn’t read. Not that they were necessarily bad, it’s just a kind of book I dislike so much that I don’t want to spend time on it. Huh.

My husband said I needed to invent a new genre. I am a bit doubtful about that. But I’m thinking there must be something I’m missing because I know there are books that deal with the same kind of themes I want to touch. Only I seem to have looked in the wrong place.

Which is completely okay but it made me think for a while that maybe I don’t want to write this book after all.

On the other hand that thought seems to be a normal part of my process. There are people who are just so passionate and enthusiastic that they think their book is the best thing since sliced bread most of the time, and then there are people like me who have an idea, think, „This would be just so cool and awesome!“ and then lose all their enthusiasm for most of the process. Usually when I pick it up weeks later I like it again but while I’m writing it? Not so much.

I’m working on it, though. There must be a way to condition myself to love the process as well.

Unfortunately positive thinking doesn’t seem to work on me. Every time I tell myself how much I look forward to writing this, and how awesome this will be, and how much fun I feel like a kindergarten teacher talking to my inner teenager. It’s eyerolling all the way.

Well, there’s always tomorrow.

And if not it won’t matter anyhow.