Doing NaNoWriMo again this year – and I’m excited!

So I’m guessing that you all know what NaNoWriMo or „National Novel Writing Month“ is. If you don’t, click the link, I’ll wait.

Now intially I wanted to be all sensible and not participate this year. Instead I planned to finally finish the trilogy I’ve been working on. Then an idea hit me, in a completely different genre, of course, and I decided to write a novel in November after all.

My initial – very insane – plan also involved blogging the novel as I write it but I have to admit I had a change of heart. No live-blogging of rough draft. Sorry. But I’m guessing we’re all better off if I just write the story first, and then go over it at least once before I let anybody see it.


I still want to let readers participate in the marvelous adventure that is writing a novel real fast. So not only is there a widget in the sidebar that let’s you see how much I wrote, I will also try to post here often to talk about the process of writing.

The other insane thing that I had planned to do was trying to write 10,000 words a day for the first five days of November. I am rather doubtful that I will actually manage to do that but I’ll try anways.

So far I have procrastinated on outlining very successfully which means instead of a finished outline I have plans for three scenes already. And 2 1/2 more hours this day to get more.

The novel is called:

Chocolate is not enough

Guinness cupcakes with Bailey's whipped cream


Married with a kid and about to turn 40 Maya decides to turn her life around:

This time the weight will come off!

Of course life has other plans.



Stay tuned…