State of the Book Writing

Still not dead

Well, first of all NaNoWriMo did not go as expected. The last one was the first one ever that I attempted and didn’t „win“. I’d say there were two parts to it, one being the fact that I was sick for 2 1/2 weeks in November. As in having a cold and no energy whatsoever. I spent most of my days in bed waiting to get better. That is a valid reason for not writing much for sure.

But before that I had been struggling with not writing much for about a year already.

Now writing an average of 500 to 700 words per day sounds pretty good but for me it just doesn’t feel enough. First of all there are a lot of stories I want to tell and I don’t want to have to pull out an idea ten years later because I was writing so slow. Also, I do write pretty fast even with the „Writing in the Dark“-method so 700 words typically take me between 15 and 20 minutes.

Spending only fifteen minutes a day on the thing that you claim is most important to you? Slightly pathetic. Mind you, I don’t have day job that eats my whole day, no commute, I could easily devote an hour a day on writing if I only tried hard enough.

So I’m trying to remedy that and have so far written an average of 2,000 words a day for three days in a row.

The reason I didn’t write anything here on the blog was that I took the advice in „Blogging for Authors“ to heart to not fill my author blog with stories on how difficult writing is.

Since I’m still working on the trilogy (slowly) and since I want to finish all three books before publishing there isn’t much else to tell.

I do have plans for blog posts that aren’t on how hard writing is, though, and am hoping to not abandon this space for weeks at a time again.

Thanks for still reading this.