State of the Book

And NaNoWriMo begins again

Sorry for not posting in months. I’m still rather busy with the writing. I am currently on book two of the Eva Mandel series.

I’m doing NaNoWriMo again, this time as a rebel because I started this book a few weeks ago.

First few paragraphs of book two:

It was my first day coming back to the university after a week off. I only had spent one night in the hospital but the doctors had thought it best for me to rest instead of work.
I did resent that because I didn’t like not working but then I realized that they were only talking about not going in to teach. Nobody had said anything about research.

And I had to say that spending a week at home had been very nice. Now that I had my home back, my tiny little house, parked behind Katherine’s barn. I sat on my stoop with a cup of tea in my hands, looking at the woods.
I hadn’t dared to go in again so far but I couldn’t avoid it forever. I was a little scared of finding the clearing again where I had met that weird, magical creature. I was almost equally scared of going into the woods and finding out that there was no clearing. Or no creature.

I had had a lot of things to think about in the past week, not the least if it being my newfound ability to use magic. For thirty years I had been very sure that I was the least magically inclined person there could be and then things exploded in my face. Literally. When I started to work at the academy.

I’ll try and check in a little more often this month.