State of the Book

There might not be blog posts but there is writing

Well, all of that did not go quite as expected.

I started writing a new series in November. Finished the first draft of that, and immediately started writing the first book in yet another series.

And that’s the one I’m currently working on. I am hoping to finish that one by the end of the month but then I had hoped to finish it at the end of March – shrugs shoulders.

Anyways, here’s something from that story for you to read:

The inside view and the outside view never match up.

I was scared shitless.

The people I was going to meet would probably think me cold, arrogant, and completely unconcerned.

Story of my life.

I stood in front of the huge building that was housing the Academy of Supernatural Phenomena. It looked more like a castle than like a university. I was wearing a bright and shiny new white gown that showed my status as a member of the teaching staff. I had cursed whoever thought white was a good color for that. Not only was is impractical and hard to keep clean, it only made me looked all washed out and unwell.
And it didn’t go with anything I owned so I had to invest in a second capsule wardrobe just for my new job.

I thought back to when I had gotten the letter asking me to teach and do research here. Feeling wanted was a novel experience for me, and getting the psychology of magic-department started was important enough to trump my need for privacy and quiet.

From past experience I expected a lot of misunderstandings, and a lot of people offended, and a lot of dumb questions. But there was nothing to be done about it.

I walked up the stairs under the gothic arches and entered the dark entrance hall. It looked almost like a church. Maybe whoever built this thought that connecting the university with history – even if that connection was fake – would make it more respectable, more legitimate and more structured.

Right in the middle of the big hall was the statue of a grieving angel in white marble. “To those who have fallen in the service of magic,” it read. As if there had been a war.

Unlike a lot of the students studying here, I could remember a time without magic. A time when we thought that the supernatural was just something humanity had invented for pleasure, and to make sense of the world before science existed.

And then the Y2K problem had turned out to not be a computer failure but instead the return of magic to the world.

There are quite a few things that I’ve been wanting to write about here on the blog but I’m pouring all my writing time into writing fiction at the moment. I have also almost finished the posts for the „buy fewer books challenge“ for March and April, I only need to put in links which is a little ridiculous.

So. Back to the writing I go.