NaNoWriMo 2017 – Day 24

Yesterday was so busy that I didn’t even manage to write my daily post before wifi was turned off.

But I did manage the 2,000 words I wanted, in fact I even wrote 1,776 more, and am now past 30,000. Which is pretty good.

I worked all aftenroon, and I cleaned the house, and I made pizza from scratch, and I watched somet TV with my son, so I’m rather happy with how that went.

Tomorrow is the day that I will attempt to write 10,000 words plus run 11 kilometers. Not at the sam time, though. That would be truly impressive.

That plan is to do some writing in the early morning, then the running, then lunch, and then a lot of writing. I already told my son that I’m too busy this weekend to cut his hair.

10,000 words would be extremely awesome, I’ve never written that much in a day. I remember back in 2006 when I had one day where I wrote 5,000 words and afterwards I felt like my head would implode. I’m comparing that to yesterday where I wrote 5,000 words and felt like I had worked hard but could easily have written a bit more.

I’m really excited about this. Which is a bit silly.