NaNoWriMo 2017 – Day 15

Halfway. Well, the month, not my novel.

I did spend another two hours putting together IKEA furniture today, and then there was the day job but I also a lovely 30 minutes writing after dinner. And it’s still pretty early so I will write some more.

At least I will earn my 10K badge today.

I am starting to make peace with the fact that I might not reach 50K this month. There is a lot going on. And I don’t want to fell all stressed all the time because I was sick, and also because I decided to write a different book than planned.

Writing a murder mystery is really interesting. And writing it without a detailed plan (or any outline of sorts) is even more interesting.

At least I know the ending, and also talking with my son tonight after dinner while he helped me with the dishes made me find out what happens next. So I have ideas for the next three scenes. That should tie me over until tomorrow or so.