NaNoWriMo 2017 – Day 12

After yesterday’s disaster I had high hopes for today. Again. The disaster was not quite as disastrous as I had feared because I managed to write another 500 words late in the evening. But then my son wanted to talk about stuff like music, and computers, and such, and since he is a teenager and rarely communicates I was happy to talk to him. A little less long would have been better for my novel, though.

So I was very resolved to write a lot today, and start a little earlier than late afternoon. And I did. But it didn’t make as much of a difference as I hoped it would. I’d say my process does leave a little room for improvement.

On the bright side I have written 2,336 words so far, and it seem I will write some more tonight after finishing this.

On the not so bright side I spent less than an hour actually writing. It seems that every hour of writing requires three hours of procrastination which makes the whole thing rather time consuming. I might have to work on that.

I’ve been thinking about this all month. If I could just sit down and write fiction the way I sit down and write blog posts things would be peachy. I’d tell myself, „I need to write a chapter of the novel today“, open the laptop, start typing and would be done an hour later.

Well, things could be better but if I can manage to eek out 2,600 words per day I can still make it.

Which means I only have 300 more words to go for today with an hour left before bedtime.

I hesitate to say that that’s doable because of past experience.