NaNoWriMo 2017 – Day 11

So today was the day I was supposed to write something liek 10,000 words or so.

I woke up too early, and read for half an hour, then I had breakfast, and wrote my regular daily blog post, and was on the internet, and talked with my husband, and then I waited for my son to get up for an hour or two, and then I did the breakfast dishes, and then I cleaned most of what I hadn’t cleaned yesterday, and then I helped to make lunch, and then I just sat around and read a book, and then I was just about to start writing (at 4 pm) and my husband enter the kitchen where I was hiding with my laptop to tell me about a problem he had with his new electric guitar, and then I was rather cranky, and took and shower, and gave myself a pedicure with really nice green nailpolish that I hadn’t tried before, and then the three of us watched Beethoven’s violin concerto because our son had made the mistake of expressing an interest in learning about classical music, and then our son and I sat down and watched two episode of „How I Met You Mother“ while eating potato chips, as one does, and then was now, and the wifi will turn itself off in eight minutes.

I did write a sum total of 39 words so far.

The good thing is that I wrote 1,278 words yesterday but the fact that I can write that many words in 27 minutes doesn’t really mean a thing if I don’t sit down and write.

This NaNo might be doomed.

Or I might manage to write some more tinight. Not 10,000 words for sure, though.

Worst NaNo ever.

But at least I have started the new novel?