NaNoWriMo 2017 – Day 7

I had high hopes of finishing all the planning today.

Well, I had a good start but then the day got away from me.

Still, I decided to count the words I’m writing in my character sketches, plot idea, and settings towards my NaNo-goal as well. It is a mild cheat. I’m still hoping to crack the actual 50,000 words this month with novel words only but if I can’t I’m good with this as well.

So tonight I wrote 578 words.

Mind you, this is the day I should have had 10,000 but then the month isn’t over yet.

In all my waffling over process I turned to Rachel Aaron’s book, „2K to 10K“ again, and am now following her very sensible suggestions. Today I finished Step 1: Get Down What You Already Know, and got started on Step 2 which is the basics of plot, character, setting, and genre. I’m fortunate that worldbuilding on this one will be very light, I’m going with now and here with a little magic thrown in.

I’m hoping to write a little more tomorrow but I’m still in the walk-around-and-think stage of the novel, unfortunately. Which has to be followed by the writ-things-down-and-think stage.